Islamic Finance

What is Islamic Banking?

The guidance and teachings of Islam, which literally translates as subservience to God, are not just limited to worship. In fact, Islam gives direction for all walks of life; From marriage, travel, eating, socialising to trading. Islamic finance is a manifestation of these core Divine guidelines given to man.   Islamic finance refers to financial [...]

Solving Financial Distress with Ethical Banking

Financial distress can lead to many personal problems such as families falling apart, and relationships ending.  It is also a cause of several mental health related issues such as anxiety and depression, strain on personal relationships and self-esteem, and social exclusion. This perhaps leads to the conclusion that a financial systems should be in place [...]

The problem with Shari’ah Banking today

The word Shari’ah is a complex word even though the definition is very simple. It means ‘the way’ and is derived from the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet. The complex aspect of Shari’ah is that it is subjective and holds different meanings to different individuals as religion and faith is a very personal element and regardless to […]

5 advantages of Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is a global market that operates through the conventional financial system. Over the years’ Islamic finance has grown and a rapid pace globally and is now an market worth more than $3.5 trillion. I set out to explain the 5 advantages that Islamic finance offers. It helps by assisting financial inclusion World Bank […]