The New Digital Age

Do you remember the revolutionary time banking branches were first introduced in the UK? Probably not, considering it was sometime in the 16th century. But can anyone question how groundbreaking the idea was even back then. It has survived as the main form of interacting with banking customers for the best part of five centuries, [...]

KYC and Digital Biometrics

Know Your Customer (KYC) has always been a fine balancing act between security, regulation, advancing technology, and customer experience.  However, with the ever increasing resolution and variety of sensors within our mobile devices (cameras, fingerprint scanners) does digital biometrics meet all our goals at once by offering a single, secure, and convenient sign up process [...]

2017 – The Year of Fintech?

This year started out to be yet an exciting one for Financial Technology, I think it is safe to say 2017 is “the year of Fintech”. I support my statement by drawing attention to the growing interest in these solutions among traditional retail banks. The consumer wants their life to be as mobile as possible, so […]