Ummah Finance is a Proud Signatory of Tech Talent Charter

Ummah Finance is a Proud Signatory of Tech Talent Charter

We at Ummah Finance are proud signatories of the Tech Talent Charter UK. The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) is a commitment by organisations to a set of undertakings that aim to deliver greater diversity in the tech workforce of the UK, one that better reflects the make-up of the population.  This covers both organisations in the technology sector itself, and organisations across all other sectors, who have employees in tech roles.  Signatories of the charter make a number of pledges in relation to their approach to recruitment and retention.  Although it is very much an employer-led initiative, in March 2017 the TTC was supported in the government’s policy paper on the UK Digital Strategy.


This is a commitment by signatories to work together to increase the diversity of the technology workforce in the UK. Signatories to this Charter are committing to pursue a diversity and inclusion agenda in their recruitment and retention of tech talent.

The Charter is founded on the belief that tech (digital) talent is critical to the future of the UK economy, and that attracting and retaining talented people who fully reflect the society that the world of tech (digital) serves provides the UK with a competitive edge.

  • The Charter signatories undertake to:
    support attraction, recruitment and retention practices that are designed to increase the
    diversity of their workforce;
  • define their own timetable for change and implement the strategy that is right for their
    organisation (acknowledging that all signatories will have different starting points)
  • measure the diversity profile of their UK employees and to share this data for (anonymous) collective publication.


Signatories of this charter pledge to promote diversity by:

  1. having a senior-level, named representative with responsibility for the Charter commitments;
  2. adopting inclusive attraction and recruitment processes, working toward a goal that, wherever possible, women are included on the shortlist for interviews and diverse talent is actively encouraged to apply for roles
  3. ensuring they have employment policies and practices that support the development and
    retention of an inclusive and diverse workforce;
  4. working collectively with other signatories to develop, share and implement protocols and best practice for the practical implementation of the aims of this Charter;
  5. contributing their employment diversity data into a common central anonymised database, for sharing amongst signatories bi-annually, and for publishing publicly in an annual report.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Hassan Waqar says:

A diverse workforce is what is helping us at Ummah Finance grow and succeed. I believe that a workforce should not be based on age, gender, race or background but based on the skills, experience and the passion to succeed. As the CEO of Ummah Finance, I will do what it takes to ensure that we have a diverse team which includes women across the company and board. Behind every organisation there is a diverse and passionate team that drives the business forward.