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About Us

At Ummah Finance we are embracing the future of technology, and building the UK’s first 100% Shari’ah compliant and ethical digital bank.

Ummah Finance was founded with a vision to help people achieve their financial goals and aspirations in a way that does not compromise their faith and values; we also aim to support the growth of the Islamic finance industry in the UK. Our focus is on creating a mobile channel that will allow people to constantly manage their money from anywhere.

Mobile Islamic Banking

We will be the first digital Mobile Islamic bank that will be 100% Shari’ah compliant

Secure Platform

Your security is at the heart of our operations & we will use industry standard systems that will be trusted by leading companies

We’re UK Based

We will be the first UK born mobile Islamic bank solely setup and operating from fintech Capital, London

The Team

Hassan Waqar
Toby Matthewson
Chief Operating Officer
Martin Luther
Head of Business Development
Nermeen Khan
Head of Marketing
Alpesh Doshi
Advisory Board Member
Ashley Freeman
Advisory Board Member


Gateway advises Ummah Finance

PRESS RELEASE London - 30 November 2017 For immediate Release   Gateway advises Ummah Finance Gateway, the international professional services firm operating in the Islamic economy, today announced its appointment by Ummah Finance. The appoi...

The New Digital Age

Do you remember the revolutionary time banking branches were first introduced in the UK? Probably not, considering it was sometime in the 16th century. But can anyone question how groundbreaking the idea was even back then. It has survived as the main form...

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